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Top 5 Android 11 Features

Andrid 11 best features

Google has released its first public beta version of Android 11 on June 11, this update is also coming up in some flagship Android phones. Furthermore, this Android 11 beta is for the developers. It comes with many technical bugs that users will not find easy and interesting. You can install the first beta version in a newer Google pixel phone or pixel 2. In this article, we will look at the Top 5  Android features that have interesting attention for users. We will discuss only those features that are totally bug-free and that can work smoothly and perfectly.

Android 11 Quick Controls Screen True highlight

After installing Android 11, you should do the first thing is that to long-press the power button on your Android phone to bring up the new and quick control screen on your phone. This screen gives you the power control options on the top in Pixel, this will provides shortcuts to your Google Play cards and boarding passes. And below you will find the most interesting Android 11 features which are quick controls for smart home devices. You can add or remove from the grid by just tapping on the menu button.

Messaging Bubbles for friends

Just remember bubbles? This feature was supposed to be implemented in Android 10, but at the last minute, Google pulled it when they are back.

This bubbles feature is similar to Facebook Messengers’ “chat heads”. When its activated a small bubble or avatar would visible on your screen during the usage of any app. Just Tao on the Bubble or Avatar it will open a new small window that you can read and send interesting new messages without open the app. Drag the Bubble around your screen is possible.

For conversion bubble will show an icon in the button-right corner of the notification. It will immediately enable the Bubble just only the Tap on it.

App Suggestions replace your app dock

Android suggested in the app drawer of app previously, it thought you would want to use depending on the factors and time of day. After Android 11 there is a new option of a row of the app on the button of your screen where your dock showed up. The apps show a glowing border around them and frequently change when you go back to your home screen when you use your phone. You can also long-press on any of the apps icons to pin to your home screen.

To access the App Suggestions then select Home Settings then Suggestions. You can also block apps that are showing up as suggestions.

Android 11 gets fancier music controls

For the announcement for the Android 11 public beta, Google displayed a new music control interface that looks so amazing. This music control is placed in the Quick Settings panel at the top of the screen. When you interact with it, a new option to control when the music is playing. The feature is nowhere to be found when you start playing music. It is a hidden feature.

For getting this option, you need to enable the Developer Options on your phone then open the Setting app and going to About phone. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the Build Number. Just Tap until you see a notification like “Congrats! You’re now a developer.” Now go to Developer option in Settings > System, find “Media resumption”, turn it on and then reboot your phone. Now Media Controls will be available when you play music next time.

Screen Recorder Built-in Function

Screenshots are an easy and quick method to capture anything on your Mobile phones, but sometimes you need to record the screen functionality. For example, if you want to show something more creative and highlight some features on the screen, then screen recording is a good way. After installing Android 11, you can find the Screen Record tool in the Quick Settings panel. It is a hidden feature, tap on the icon pencil to add it in your phone.

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