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The 5 Best Fun Games to play in 2020 for Girls

Girls are interested in various variety of games due to which at times there are more female fan bases for a game than males. However, certain titles have proved to be successful in attracting a female audience towards the game. In general, it is considered that fun games are mostly praised by the girl’s section of society.

1. My Little Pony; Magic Princess

The game is based upon the same-named girl’s cartoon series on the television. It is a mobile-based game that involves no cost. Since its launch, My Little Pony has evolved in its features and content slowly with time. At the moment, it has a massive cast of characters and towns to play the exciting storyline.

2. Overwatch

The game was released in 2016 and created havoc among the FPS game lovers. Although, the majority players of the game are male. Still, there is a large section of girls community that is attracted to Overwatch content. Therefore, it is recommended by us as one of the best games to play for girls in 2020.

3. Disneyland Adventures

As a girl, if you have the love for Disneyland movies and theme parks, then it is the perfect platform for you. In the game, a stunning recreation of Disney theme park is created which involves different characters and activities in it.

4. Ori and the Blind Forest

A windows 10 based game offers pitch-perfect controls to the players which are a rare concept. The game is not only praised for technical work but also for its emotional touch. Therefore, Ori and the Blind Forest are recommended to play alone especially for girls who are looking for something more than fun in the games.

5. My Little Riding Champion

The other genre that girls love the most after the fun is fantasy games. My Little Riding Champion has such content which creates fantasy feeling among the audience. As a girl, if you cannot get the opportunity to ride a horse then here is the chance to fulfill this desire through the digital world.

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