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Recent cyber attack on twitter and American elections

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The recent cyberattack on twitter has raised concerns among the US citizens regarding the transparency of the next elections. The twitter hack has given the signal that the high profile personality accounts are also not safe. This means the upcoming elections can be manipulated just like the previous ones in 2016 through social media.

Earlier this week, the news emerged regarding the tweets form the renowned politicians such as Barack Obama and Newyork city mayor related to cryptocurrency. However, the most significant tweet was from the Democratic Nominee for the US presidency Joe Biden. It is reported to be a cyber attack where the twitter accounts of these notable people were misused by the intruders. Apart from this, several other corporate, business, and showbiz personalities twitter accounts wen under through the same cyberattack on twitter.

In this way, the twitter hack has given the idea that passing security measures is not an impossible task. Therefore, using social media accounts of the personalities or channels that can influence the upcoming elections can be possible. Therefore, twitter hack has given a severe wake-up call to the authorities that are under criticism for conducting a transparent election.

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