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Twitter says 130 accounts targetted in recent cyber attack

The twitter hack occurred last week has attacked 130 high profile user accounts. The anonymous hacker has reset the passwords of those 45 accounts which has impacted the credibility of the social media platform in a disastrous manner. Therefore, the media and the public are questioning the twitter CEO for explanations regarding their cybersecurity system. Overall, it is assumed that the cyber hacking incident has put the private data of millions of users under a doubt.

Twitter authorities have accepted their embarrassment through a blog post which reveled some new facts regarding the cyber hack. According to them ” We’re embarrassed, we’re disappointed, and more than anything, we’re sorry. We know that we must work to regain your trust, and we will support all efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. Although, the twitter CEO and management is aiming to detect the anonymous hacker but their integrity will not be returned by this act. The major flaw in the communication network has raised concerns among users who are looking for its alternatives.

Earlier, the cyber attack on twitter caused manipulation of tweets from the accounts of high profile users. The most prominent of hem was Democratic candidate ” Joe Biden”. On his twitter account, an offer was made to send 1000 USD with the return of 2000 USD to an anonymous account. Similarly, the same tweets were done through other celebrity accounts such as Barack Obama or Kane West through this twitter hack. Despite the fact, that the fake hacking was obvious to some people, still the anonymous hacker was able to receive a hefty amount of transfers worth 100,000 USD.

At the moment, there is very little evidence or clues regarding the cybercriminals who hack private twitter accounts for cryptocurrency benefits. According to the blog post shared by the company, the white hat hacker has used the ” Your Twitter Data” tool to hack twitter account passwords for up to 8 accounts. However, the main issue that arises for the company is that bitcoin is extremely hard to trace accounts. Moreover, the money transferred would have gone through the process of mixer or tumbler services by the security hackers. Overall, it is very hard for twitter to identify the main criminals behind the twitter hack incident.

Allison Nixon, chief research officer at cybersecurity firm 221B has claimed that the cyber attack was done by the “OG” community who has previous tracker records of fake hacking. There are a number of incidents that have their origins with the group of computer hackers or cybercriminals. The “OG” community is basically a disorganized set of skilled people involved in such fraudsters or cyber hacking activities. There has been no nation or state connections with the group due to which their origin is unknown to the authorities.

The Twitter CEO is facing the same pressure which Mark Zuckerberg dealt after the last US elections. The recent cyberattack has taken place just before the upcoming elections which have raised concerns among the general public and lawmakers. The authorities are looking for solid answers regarding the real-time hacking attacks. In this way, if the company is unable to answer the real-time hacking attacks then there can be severe doubts regarding the upcoming election results. The US public has gone through such times in the last election where the system appeared to be manipulated by tech giants.

To conclude, the recent cyber attack on twitter is a shameful situation for the company. For this, twitter has to take some serious steps and convey information to the users related to the integrity of the data. Otherwise, their reputation is under serious damage.

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