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Pixel 4A, Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 Leaks, Price and Review

Google Pixel 5 leaked

Let us try to make sense of Google Pixel 4A, Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5. Rumors are circulating that Google is taking things to the next level this year. Pixel fans already know, What these phones actually are? But for the rest of the followers, Here is How you can make sense of Pixel 4A, Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5.0.

Pixel 4A

Pixel 4A price
taken from GSMarena.com

From the leaks, we know almost everything about the Pixel 4A. Pixel 4A has everything that was great in Pixel 3A and also upgrades of the deficiencies. The flagship caliber camera, impressive software and exclusive build quality are the traits it has taken from Pixel 3A.

Let us now look at its specs.


Price: $349
OS: Android 10
Display: 5.81-inch OLED (2340×1080)
CPU: Snapdragon 730G
Storage: 128GB
Rear camera: 12.2MP (ƒ/1.7)
Front camera: 8MP (ƒ/2.0)
Battery: 3,140 mAh
Battery life: 8:55
Size: 5.7 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches
Weight: 5.04 ounces

Shockingly good for 349$

These specs make it shockingly good for the mentioned price. Google’s midrange offering tops Apple’s iPhone SE in larger and brighter OLED display, modern design and double storage. It is clear that Google’s Pixel 4A is one of those rare, affordable smartphones which provide better than their price.

Pixel 4A availability

Pixel 4A will be available in August, 20 through Google and Vendors like Amazon. The cellular carriers like Verizon, Google Fi and US cellular are also going to lock it. It comes with only one configuration – black color, 128 GB storage and 349 USD price tag.

Pixel 4A vs iPhone SE

Apple’s iPhone SE is the best affordable device for people who want to enjoy the Apple eco system. Due to the A13 bionic chip, its performance is unmatched. Also it offers wireless charging and a water resistant design, features which Pixel 4A lacks.

But the Google Pixel 4A is far superior in other aspects. The highly sophisticated camera, slim bezel design, larger display, fast charging and headphone jack. All this for 50 USD less than 64GB iPhone SE. Moreover, it is 100 USD less than other phones with comparable storage.


Pixel 4A review
picture from XLEAKS7

It is a recommended device and does practically everything. It has a pretty display, great performance, lots of base storage, a well built design and especially, a stunning camera. The only area in which it falls short is the battery life. As compared to its competitors iPhone SE (faster) and OnePlus Nord (bigger display, battery and 5G). The Google Pixel 5A provides a perfect balance between affordability, quality and performance today in the mid range market.

Google Pixel 4A 5G

Leaked Pixel 4A 5G
Leaked Pixel 4A 5G

The Google’s leaked name Pixel 4A 5G, tells a lot about the Phone itself. It features some of the fundamentals of Pixel 4A but it has 5G. It means along with some minor changes, the biggest differentiation will be the system on the chip. The only sensible chip the Pixel 4A 5G can feature is the snapdragon 765G. The leaks suggest that Pixel 4A 5G has a larger battery, bigger display, a second camera and 5G.

Why you should wait for Pixel 4A 5G?

Pixel 4A 5G vs Pixel 4A

Google France accidently posted the release date of Pixel 4A 5G. It posted that “Two new Google phoned will be available for pre order this October 8th”, the post was deleted after a short while. Having a look at the Google’s launch pattern, Google released many devices in October of Previous years. We can presume that, Google will launch these devices.

With an extra camera lens and 5G, the Pixel 4a 5G is worth waiting for. To complete what is close an already perfect phone. At the very least, you will probably pick up a cheaper Pixel 4a at some point later this year if you hold on to your cash.   

Google Pixel 5

After Google France announced on its Blog, about the release of Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5.0, the post was deleted. The post is now available in the cached page. We do not know much about the features and specs of the Phone. But we know that it lacks the head phone jack and is physically smaller than 4A 5G. We know that it is going to have many features, which will make it the flagship Phone among all three devices this year.

We do not think that it will be a Premium flagship going toe to toe with iPhone 12 Pro series or Galaxy Note 20. But many analysts are quite sure that it will compete with the standard iPhone 12 and standard Galaxy S Xe series. Google has now become the camera king due to its exquisite image processing technology. Moreover, the assistant AI has improved Google devices a lot. Many fans are anxious for 8th October, to order themselves the Google’s Premium Pixel 5.0.

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