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Peacock: A new streaming service by NBC Universal

peacock Tv new streaming service

NBC Universal launched a new streaming service on July 15. Peacock has free movies and TV shows and if you purchase a subscription you can watch more. It cannot be streamed on Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Peacock streaming app when launched by the comcast’s NBC Universal, had hundreds of hours of free programs. However, you can purchase a subscription for additional movies, TV shows and originals.

You can access a seven day free trial for the premium service. But if you sign up from a Google’s Android platform, you can have up to 3 months free trial.

However, as HBO Max before it, you can’t watch Peacock on a Roku item or Amazon Fire TV gadget. Roku and Amazon are the most well known creators of gadgets to stream to TVs in the US.

This stalemate denotes another phase in the development of web based video. The two sides need the most authority over the information and cash you produce with your streaming action. As they cut out their places of intensity for the following period of TV. In any case, meanwhile, you can’t observe all the top real time features on all the top gadgets.

The new streaming service Peacock vs The Competitors?

Up until now, Peacock has joined 10 million accounts by the end of July. That incorporates individuals who enlisted with Peacock when it turned out just to Comcast pay-TV clients in April, just as new individual.

Disney Plus got more than 10 million subscription in the first 24 hours. The HBO max received 4.1 million sign ups in its first month.

Competing the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and others. Peacock is the new streaming service going live. When many companies have launched there streaming services in the course of recent years. Actually, Peacock propelled months back in a constrained “sneak look” on April 15 for some Comcast clients.

In any case, the across the nation free stream to anybody in the US who needs to watch it. And Peacock’s first unique shows and films dropped then as well on paid subscription. Peacock has an index of over 20,000 hours of shows, motion pictures, news, sports, curated channels, drifting features and selective huge spending unique list.

What can I watch on Peacock?

peacock Tv shows and movies
picture by apple’s insider

At launch, Peacock will be heavily focused on older shows or programs airing on NBC and NBC cable networks such as Bravo and Syfy. There is something for everyone on this new streaming service. Boomers, can flashback with The Munsters, The Rockford Files, and Leave It to Beaver. Gen-Xers can watch ’80s and ’90s hits such as Everybody Loves Raymond (and misses such as SeaQuest DSV). Older millennials will find Everybody Hates Chris, George Lopez, and The King of Queens.There will be much from the Law & Order and Chicago franchises. Unscripted content from NBCU-owned networks E!, Oxygen, and Bravo; Spanish-language programs from Telemundo.

Live sporting events, including Premier League soccer and U.S. Open tennis. There are also reruns of current-season NBC shows available. On the movie front, you will find the BourneJurassic Park, and Matrix franchises. Critical favorites like Do the Right Thing and Gosford Park,and random crimes against cinema like Howard the Duck.


Peacock originals, many of which will be updates or adaptations of familiar titles such as Brave New World (available at launch), Saved by the Bell, and Punky Brewster. In September, the service will also be platform to new episodes of the canceled NBC comedy AP Bio. Later this year will begin rolling out big shows from international partners, including Departure (a thriller starring Archie Panjabi) and the dramedy Five Bedrooms.

How much does this new streaming service cost? And what is Peacock Premium?

The standard app of the new streaming service is completely free. You don’t even need to enter in credit-card information. The extra content on Peacock Premium is also free if you already subscribe to TV via Comcast’s Xfinity service or Cox Contour. For anyone else, it’s $4.99 per month, though Peacock says, they expect to add more cable and internet distribution partners in coming months. So that more people can watch the premium service for free.

What devices can stream Peacock? 

Peacock Tv streaming devices

Peacock the new streaming service, has confirmed support on:

  • Apple devices: You can stream the service on apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. You can sign up for Peacock or upgrade your membership with in-app purchases too.
  • Google devices: Peacock has support on Google platforms including Android phones and tablets, and TV devices. People who subscribe through Android and Android TV also get free access to Peacock Premium until Oct. 15. After that trial period ends, Peacock Premium costs $4.99 per month with ads or $9.99 a month ad-free.
  • Xbox One: Microsoft’s Xbox One devices, including Xbox One S and Xbox One X, have an app for Peacock. The service itself should be available for download through the Microsoft Store. You can also sign up for or upgrade directly within the Peacock app on Xbox using in app purchase.
  • Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles.
  • Vizio SmartCast TVs. 
  • LG Smart TVs.

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