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Best Charging Habits Tesla Model 3

Best charging habits tesla model 3

Tesla’s guide on best charging habits for its cars evolve as it analyzes real world data. The EPA-rated range of a fully charged Model 3 was 310 miles, a later software update increased the range to 325 miles (520 km). When charging the Model 3 you can set the car to charge to a specific SOC at any value between 50% and 100%. So, the car stops charging when it reaches the percentage SOC set. Tesla recommends charging between 50-90% for daily driving. And to charge the car above 90% when you may need extra range.

A User’s Charging Habits Results

Best Charging habits

Kim, from the Like Tesla YouTube channel, charges her Model 3 up to 70% for the 11,000 miles of mileage. She observed that her car’s range dropped from 310 miles to 260 miles.

That is a huge loss of capacity and beyond what we have come to expect from individual Tesla Model S and X vehicles. Kim’s Tesla had been babied from a charging standpoint, only being charged up to 70% every night. She used her platform to make a video about her findings. And took the car to Tesla to figure out what was going wrong. Tesla gave some instructions, which Kim shares in her video.

  • Charge to 90% nightly. Leave vehicle plugged in after reaching 90%. Range should increase within several weeks.
  • If unsuccessful, charge to 100%. Leave plugged in until charging stops.
  • Drive down to under 10% and repeat 100% charge 2–3 times until full recalibration occurs

In simple words, the car’s battery didn’t lose a dramatic amount of energy storage capacity. In-fact, because Kim kept the charge at 70% or lower, the car’s software became convinced the car had less range than it really had.

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Should You Charge Your Tesla Model 3 Every Night?

Again, it depends. If you don’t need to…don’t. If you only need to charge the car about every week or so to keep it in the 20-90% charge range. This is of course, all dependent on what type of charging system is used. A level 1 charger (plugging your car into a standard 120-volt outlet) will yield about 7 miles of charge per hour. This means that it will take anywhere from 34 to 44 hours to charge your Model 3 depending variant.

Tesla recommends the owners to have a level 2 charging system installed in their homes. Model 3 owners get about 40 miles of range per hour with this option. If you’re fortunate enough to live near a Tesla Supercharger station, you will fully charge your vehicle in as little as one hour. This option eliminates the need for home charging, but you will need to have it close to your home or office.


charge tesla model 3

Bad idea! A three-prong plug implies a 110V outlet. It’s inefficient, slow, and not something you want to do. Use a 240V line (e.g., a clothes dryer outlet of a custom installed NEMA 14-50 circuit instead)

Best Charging Habits for Tesla Model 3 Range

The table below shows the estimated time to charge your Tesla Model 3 from empty to full. For rapid charging, we show the time to charge from 20% – 80%, as charging slows outside this range to protect the battery.

Charging methodTypically found atCharging time*Range/hour**
Empty to full
3-pin plugHome22 – 33 h9 – 11 m/h
3.7kWHome / Work14 – 21 h15 – 18 m/h
7kWHome / Work / Public Locations7 – 11 h27 – 34 m/h
22kWWork / Public Locations5 – 7 h43 – 53 m/h
50kWPublic Locations40 – 60 min98 – 120 m/30 min
150kWPublic Locations20 – 20 min294 – 360 m/30 min

* Based on Pod Point estimates, charging rates can differ based on the ambient temperature, the state of the battery (e.g. empty or half full) and variation in charging rate.
** Range per hour is the number of miles you can expect to get from an hour of charging at the relevant rate.


Official range (WLTP*)254 – 348 miles
Official range (NEDC*)N/A
Pod Point Confidence Range**216 – 296 miles

** Pod Point Confidence Range is the maximum distance we are confident driving on electric power between charges. Real range will depend on various factors including driving conditions, personal driving style, outside temperature, heating / air conditioning, etc.


0-62 mph5.6 – 3.4 seconds
Top speed140 – 162 mph
Engine power349 – 577 bhp / 260 – 430 kW
Torque500 – 750 Nm
EV typeBattery electric

Model 3 Battery

Battery size50 – 75 kWh
Usable battery (Pod Point estimate)45 – 71 kWh
Official battery efficiency (WLTP)N/A
Official battery efficiency (NEDC)N/A
Battery efficiency (Pod Point estimate)208 – 255 Wh/mile
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