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XBOX Series S Leaked Specs

Xbox series S leaked

Various XBOX Series S leaked specs and rumours indicate it is a more affordable next-gen alternative to the Xbox Series X console. A new leak document reported by The Verge indicates the Xbox Series S will be able to run games in resolutions up to 1440p. Also with other specs including “7.5GB of usable RAM, a slightly underclocked CPU speed, and around 4 teraflops of GPU performance.”

The Verge also claims this leaked document describes a profiling mode that is part of the Xbox Series X development kit. This devkit, codenamed Dante, enables developers to initiate a Lockhart mode. Which lets them hit the performance profile expected from the second console.

With a controller pictures leaking online recently, here is everything you need to know about Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S Leaked controller confirms new console

xbox series s

Although launch is still a number of months away, fully packaged controllers have already been spotted and sold online. This indicates the launch of Xbox Series S is happening. The Verge has obtained images of the next-gen controller packaging, which shows the new design alongside a number of other features.

The side of the packaging shows, the controller supports Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows 10 and Xbox One. This is the first time fans have seen semi-official mention of the console’s name. A fan has also purchased the controller on a resale website, confirming it to be legitimate. Some analysts don’t believe it to sell for such a low price. As a lot of money could be made from unreleased hardware like this.

A reveal for the Xbox Series S alongside other hardware news from Microsoft is expected later this year. This leak is still unconfirmed by the company, and it remains unclear if there plans will change. We’ll be updating this page if anything new emerges.

Xbox Series S release date

It’s currently unknown when the Xbox Series S will launch. If it launches along with the Xbox Series X, it will arrive during “Holiday 2020.”

However, unless Microsoft confirms the existence of the console, a 2020 release is becoming less likely by the day. Rumors have suggested it could be delayed to 2021, although this is probably just a guess.

Xbox Series S price

There’s currently no official price for the Xbox Series S, although it’s expected to be much cheaper than the Xbox Series X.

Analysts think it could cost anywhere between £299 and £399. It is almost around the same price at which the Xbox One S was retailed for at launch back in 2013.

Xbox Series S specs

The Series S will have a four teraflop entry level console for the next generation. Four teraflops don’t sound like much when you consider the 12 teraflops packed into the Xbox Series X. But it’s still very powerful considering the current Xbox One has just 1.3 teraflops of computing power. And it still loads up impressive gaming experiences.

The Series S targets at gamers wanting to play games in 1080p or 1440p, which makes sense considering most PC gamers still play at these resolutions. Which cuts off the high costs involved in upgrading to 4K.

Xbox Series S (rumoured)Xbox Series X (confirmed)
Targeted game performanceUp to 1440pUp to 8K
GPU performance4 Teraflops 12 Teraflops

How does the new console look?

Fans are expecting a smaller version of the large, PC-esque, Xbox Series X. As a result, the Series S may look more like a traditional console than its big brother does.

Right now, we have no official imagery to go on. We’ll have to wait and see what the Series S looks like, but expect a more compact version of the Series X.

Xbox Series S Leaked rumors so far

xbox series s specs

10 August 2020: “Xbox Series S” listed on white controller packaging

A Twitter user claims to purchase a white controller online (for just $35). Its compatibility list on the rear included mention of “Xbox Series X/S”.

30 July 2020: August event revealed by Xbox boss

Xbox head, Phil Spencer, revealed that there will be an event in August, leading to new speculation that the Series S will be formally announced at that time.

“August, we’ll have more to say on that,” he said when quizzed about Xbox Series X backward compatibility.

27 July 2020: White “Xbox Series X” controller appears

A Reddit user, who has now deleted his account, posted a photo of a white Xbox Series X controller that could actually be for the Series S. Before he vanished into the wind, The Verge allegedly spoke to the user who informed the site that the main console that went with the controller was “more squarish and the Xbox button looked bigger on it”.

26 June 2020: Rumours point to August unveiling instead

A new Microsoft document was unearthed that pointed once more to the existence of a second next-generation Xbox. The Verge also suggested that, instead of a debut during the July Games Showcase, the machine could make an appearance during a special event in August 2020.

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