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Telegram Beta 7.8 adds screen sharing and video sharing in groups

Telegram beta release 7.8

Telegram is getting better and better and rolling out an update on the beta program and gives multiple improvements to the users that allow users to test the latest features and provide feedback. The beta version 7.8 bringing with new options to share videos and screen devices with others during the group calls. Now you can start a video broadcast or share your screen during the group voice chat.

In the beta release, all you need to rename the chat to have #vid in it. Next, tap the three-dot menu button while in the group then you will have the new options to start screen sharing or recording. You can use these new features in any group on telegram, but those users who are not availing of the beta release won’t able to see you or your screen. They will only get audio.

Telegram video and screen sharing

A gradient background has acquired a little bit of makeover in it, customize colors as you send the messages. For the use of this feature, all you need to go appearance settings and go to the background menu. If you choose the colorful backgrounds, tap the color button that will let you give wonderful shades to add that will make a gradient. Wen sending messages while shifting to work, at least three colors to be selected.

This will consider being a powerful update to the Telegram app. Screen sharing will get a solid platform similar to some other competitors.

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