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Top 5 Travel Destinations to visit in Lockdown

Top 5 Travel Destinations to visit in Lockdown

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has suddenly changed all over the globe. Not only just for a limited time but long term. Most of the travel destinations have been completely shut down but it doesn’t mean every travel area has been affected due to this virus. On the opposite side – some peaceful places remain open to visitors that have nice and eye-catching weather. Although these wonderful and safest places do not require any covid-19 test or quarantine to stay there. Here are the top 5 favorite destinations where you can visit with no special requirements or restrictions.


Turkey has been an all-time favorite visit spot for tourists due to their wonderful places and modern look building and of course, it is between Asia and Europe that increase their beauty. Turkey is the safest place right now to spend vacations there. Turkey is not only famous for its beaches but it holds beauty of wonderful places.


Greece is one of the most beautiful destinations for traveling. In this pandemic situation, Santorini should be considered the safest place for tourists. If you spend money on beautiful places then Santorini is the right place to enjoy this pretty island. This beautiful island is popular due to its island beauty. The average hotel range from $60 to $160 per night with an average of $90.


Croatia is also considered the safest place to visit in this lockdown. If you want to visit European countries then Croatia is the best place in the current situation. Croatia is the least affected country in Europe by a coronavirus. Croatia is a lovely destination with its charming old towns and cities. although foods and beaches are also famous for it.


Everyone has heard about Singapore and it is the safest place to visit in the current pandemic situation. Singapore has the lowest rate of Covid-19. It has the best food to taste and impressive areas to visit. A trip to Singapore for two people costs on average $1,730 for one week.


If you have come up from lockdown and want to visit the most beautiful place then Thailand is the best option, it is the safest place to be considered for coronavirus. A truly wonderful environment and bordered by three beaches. It is also known for its wonderful; beaches. Thailand is the best place to visit.

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