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How Blockchain Technology Works With Cloud Computing

Blockchain Technology

As we can see the name of Blockchain means a chain of a block and it contains information, in other simple words blockchain is a distributed database and it contains a record and these records can be called blocks. Blockchain was introduced in 1991 through different researchers so that they could implement the timestamp on digital documents. So that information could not be able to change, but it was not able to be used. Therefore in 2009, Santoshi Nakamoto uses the concept of digital cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Blockchain is a multi-layered ledger and anyone can use it. If once data can be entered in the blockchain it is not possible to change it. Blockchain technology can speed the process, lower cost, and built transparency in an application.

Blockchain Technology embedded with cloud computing

Blockchain technology uses a decentralized computing environment, therefore all data and their transaction information are not stored in a single location. Instead, the data is distributed into encrypted keys or chunks and stored on different computers of the users. So that a security layer can be added for data storage and cryptocurrency transactions.

Nowadays 85% of business depends on multiple cloud environments to meet the needs of IT. These applications and organizations will be able to use data across multiple clouds and will move data on domain to manage the desired applications. Blockchain and artificial intelligence also have multi support relationships. Blockchain provides the decentralized and trusted source of domain and Artificial Intelligence provides the analytics power and decision making from the desired source of domain. All blocks of data in blockchain provide the distributed server to all domains. To ensure the digital signature and integrity that are used in blockchain technology.

 Cloud users request from the cloud service providers for their services. And cloud service providers that provide cloud storage to the user. These third-party service providers are supposed to provide high security and functionalities in the cloud so that trust and security issues are crucial while benefiting the companies and organizations with the cloud. Cloud users are at high risk, their data can be lost, leaked, and attacked, but they do not have any appropriate resources to get the data again in a substandard situation. Also, the cloud user is not aware of their access to data. Although transparency is also a matter, cloud users do not have accurate information about the user of the data and they do not know how data is roaming inside the cloud.

Therefore, we need such a type of technology that can secure our data over the cloud computing environment. Blockchain can be used for cloud users to improve the trusted quality and provide the high security of data while acquiring services and outsourcing from the cloud. Blockchain can provide an advanced security system for the cloud user. Blockchain continuously monitors the records of data that are linked to the cryptographic hash function to the chain of the block. Typically, blockchain manages peer-to-peer network systems.

There are two methods available for integrating the blockchain in cloud systems: a) Integrating blockchain with cloud for facilitating enterprise networks like storage, replication, and access to the transactional database. b) Integrating with data security concepts between user, task and management of data in clouds.

Future of Blockchain Technology with Cloud Computing

Blockchain Technology with cloud computing is more helpful for the future purpose as well. Blockchain-based cloud computing does not only decentralize the data storage. Moreover, this technology is used as a data platform. Many authorized users are able to access the data only once and can interpret, interact and change it. This type of cloud computing solution allows users to work together virtually and secure their data and they can maintain their information.

Two methods are valuable for embedding the blockchain in cloud computing systems which are:

1: Embedded blockchain with cloud for maintaining and facilitating the storage network like access to a transactional database, storage, and replication.

2: Secure integrating with security concepts between user, task, and management data in clouds.

This method can help the user to maintain their security and data storage at an advanced level of the network system. Many researchers are working on this technology to provide more and more better solutions on the cloud with the Blockchain. This would be helpful to biggest organization who always looking for the platform that gives the better performance on the cloud management system.

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