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iPhone 13 users Experiencing Bug “Unable to Communicate with Apple Watch” With Mask Unlocking

iPhone 13

Many iPhone 13 users have reported on online forums and social media after getting their new iPhones, several users have found a bug preventing it from communicating with their own Apple’s smart watch, making it annoying and seamless for the users.

After receiving an iPhone 13, a tweet outlined on Reddit that several users cannot toggle the feature of “Unlock with Apple Watch”. While wearing a mask, it’s allowing users to unlock their iPhones 13. Some users are receiving the pop up “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch” when attempting to feature activation.

Comments and posts on Reddit suggest that problem solving solutions are still not working, like unpairing the Apple smart watch to the iPhone and botched devices are restarting. Posts on Reddit and Twitter show that the issue is common for the users of the new iPhone 13, but we do not get any reports of other models of iPhone.

The iPhone 13 initially arrived with a build of iOS 15 which is outdated, so users getting the bug should ensure that they are operating the iOS 12 latest version and watchOS 8 version.

This new bug came across a list of bugs that is related to iOS 15 and the new iPhone 13. Also, including a bug that may show in Apple Music being  unworkable after a restore. Bug may result in widgets to reset, and a bug reported iPad and iPhone storage.

Apple is now working on the testing of iOS and iPadOS 15.1, but several users experienced a number of issues, so the company has decided to release iOS 15.0.1. We will update you for more information about it if we hear back.

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