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Samsung teases rollable displays and slidable screen

Samsung Display teases slidable and rollable displays:

Samsung already has more foldable’s phones on the market according to other phone companies. Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, So, it looks like that just be the start, with new models and whole new form factors maybe in the works. Samsung teases rollable displays that looks more attractive. Samsung has launched a site highlighting different uses for flexible OLED displays, and as well as the designs we have see so distant, the site also present “Slidable Flex” design, which appears to be a flat display that can be extended by pulling the sides, and a “Rollable Flex” screen which can unfurl from a tube. So, “Flex Note”, that is less interesting as preliminary, just the “Galaxy Z Fold” design changed on its side, its like a laptop. Samsung teases rollable display that looks more attractive from any other smartphone.

Samsung has not confirmed that its work on these models with any of these designs are simply use cases of its flexible “OLED” screen tech. The fact that they have been shown here implies the company perhaps at least focus on them.

Foldable Look

Once again the word “phone” is not truly used alongside any of these displays. So, they could just be used in TV, but laptops or other gadgets. So, don’t get your hopes up about seeing a rollable phone anytime soon, but do not count it out either. Samsung teases rollable displays this has been more eye catching look.

Samsung is not exploring rollable phones, we also see rollable phone ideas from TCL and rollable Oppo X 2021. LG allegedly even came very close to launching one (dubbed the LG Rollable) on sale. Before suddenly exiting the smartphone market. And it seems that rollable phones could be the next step in smartphone design. So, we can consider the rollable phones could be the next in design of smartphone. By the looks of other phones Samsung pay special attention to their design.

Samsung is not only the company that making rollable smartphones, as we have also seen slidable phone design from the likes of TCL, while we even go through on with the rollable Oppo X 2021.

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